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Export Market Development Grant (EMDG)

The aim of the EMDG Scheme is to encourage Australian businesses to seek out and develop export markets for their products and services.

The Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) Scheme is administered by the Australian Trade Commission (Austrade). This (EMDG) scheme is a key Australian Government financial assistance program for aspiring and current exporters.

The scheme provides for a partial reimbursement of 50% of eligible export marketing costs over $15,000.

The minimum grant amount is $5,000, whilst the maximum grant is $150,000 (from 1 July 2010). Successful applicants will receive one minimum grant of $5,000, provided they have spent more than $15,000 on claimable marketing.

Eligible expenses include those incurred by Australians in promoting the export of goods, services, industrial property rights and know-how, which are substantially of Australian origin. Inbound tourism and education providers also qualify for EMDG support.

New Zealand is not regarded as an eligible market for EMDG purposes.

The Scheme is non-discretionary which means that if you meet the eligibility criteria and maintain appropriate supporting documentation verifying your expenditure and activities, you may be paid a grant.

First-time claimants must also satisfy certain “grants entry requirements” as a prerequisite to obtaining their first grant. This grants entry test is not applicable in subsequent years and was introduced to ensure that intending grant claimants are suitably prepared for export and possess the necessary financial resources to sustain their export endeavours.

Who is entitled to apply?

Any Australian resident – company, partnership, or sole trader – may apply for grants if they incur eligible marketing expenditure in seeking or developing overseas markets. Claimants must have a gross turnover less than $50m (from 1 July 2010) to be eligible for EMDG assistance.

For what products can I apply for a grant?

A product must be substantially of Australian origin to be eligible for an export grant. Eligible products and services include:


  • Goods made in Australia
  • Goods made outside Australia (i.e. – manufactured overseas) which have significant net benefit to Australia (special conditions apply)


All services (external and internal) are eligible for EMDG with the following exceptions:

  • A service relating to migration to Australia, including proceedings or actions to enter or remain in Australia;
  • A service relating to:
  1. The adoption, custody or welfare of a child; or
  2. Proceedings about the maintenance of a person, except under a deed, trust or will; or
  3. Proceedings under the Family Law Act 1975;
  • A service relating to the identification, procurement, lease, sale or purchase of assets in Australia (whether tangible or intangible) including cash, real estate, stocks, options or shares.
  • A service relating to the protection, operation or maintenance of assets held in Australia;
  • A service relating to compliance with the laws of Australia;
  • A service relating to prostitution;
  • A service relating to pornographic material, including pornographic material in publications, films, computer games or accessible on the Internet;
  • A service relating to illegal activities or illegal products;
  • A gambling service provided by a service provider not licensed under an Australian law;
  • A service not mentioned in Schedule 1 that is provided to a foreign resident tourist in Australia;
  • A service related to providing accommodation for foreign students studying or working in Australia;
  • A service related to selecting or recruiting foreign students to work in Australia.

Intellectual Property

  • Trademark owned, assigned or first used in Australia
  • Intellectual Property rights resulting from substantial research or work done in Australia


  • Know-how resulting from substantial research work done in Australia

We will meet with any potential applicant to determine EMDG eligibility and assist in marketing the EMDG application.

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